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InfraTec VarioView™

Thermal imaging systems, such as the VarioView™, are extremely efficent in observing large and open areas. They detect the characteristic thermal radiation of any surveillance scenery. Compared to conventional nightvision devices they offer the benefit of no need to apply infrared illumination or the presence of a residual light level. High-quality thermal images can be viewed at any time, in total darkness and even through smoke and light fog.


With a total weight of 2.4 kg upwards and its fast, large aperture optics, VarioView™ is perfectly suitable for all kind of mobile applications. This mobility is supported by the quick-charging and powerful lithium-ion batteries permitting operation of up to 6 hours. The charger can be used in any kind of vehicle with power outlet. During deployed operations power can be supplied via the supplied plug-in power supply unit.

Technical Specifications

VarioView™ 75

VarioView™ 150

Spectral range (7.5  ...  14)  μm (7.5  ...  14)  μm
Detector (pixel) Uncooled microbolometer Focal Plane Array, (640 x 480) Uncooled microbolometer Focal Plane Array, (640 x 480)
Temperature resolution @ 30°C Better then 0.07 K Better then 0.07 K
IR-frame rate 25/30 Hz 25/30 Hz
Lens (field of view) 75 mm (12.0 x 9.0)° 150 mm (6.1 x 4.6)°
Electronic zoom 2x and 4x 2x and 4x
Focus Motorized; auto focus function Motorized; auto focus function
Detection range (person) Up to 2.5 km Up to 5 km
Detection range (vehicle) Up to 3.5 km Up to 7 km
Laser range finder (LRF), type of laser Diode laser 1,550 nm, eye-safe, hardly detectable Diode laser 1,550 nm, eye-safe, hardly detectable
Meaturement accuracy of LRF ± 1 m ± 1 m
Meaturement range of LRF (10 ... 5,000) m (60 ... 5,000) m
Viewfinder Binocular, monochrome with eye cup Binocular, monochrome with eye cup
Type of viewfinder display (pixel) OLED (800 x 600) OLED (800 x 600)
A/D conversion 14 Bit 14 Bit
Viewfinder Binocular, monochrome with eye cup Binocular, monochrome with eye cup
Interface PAL/NTSC-­FBAS, external power supply (12  ...  24) VDC PAL/NTSC-­FBAS, external power supply (12 ... 24) VDC
Power supply High capacity Li-­Ion battery (fast rechargeable) High capacity Li-­Ion battery (fast rechargeable)
Battery capacity 6 hours without charge 5 hours without charge
Operation temperature (-20 ... 50) °C (-20 ... 50) °C
Dimentions (274 x 255 x 106) mm (284 x 250 x 151) mm
Weight (without battery) 2.4 kg 2.9 kg
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